Uncle Murda – Respect The Shooter

Miamo Kaos definatley did his thing on this cover.

1. GMG Member Shot By Police (Intro)
2. Dont Try To Apprehend Him
3. Uncle Murder Live on KROC Radio Interview
4. Say Thanks You
5. The Name They Gave You
6. Startin Shit For No Reason
7. Please Dont Rat
8. Gun Talk Ft. Wyclef
9. Lean On Me
10. Pretend Freinds
11. M.O.B. Money Over Bitches
12. Grangsta Brooklyn
13. Excessive Force Skit
14. Clap At The Police Music
15. KROC Radio Interview Pt. 2
16. Rider Survivor
17. Get Money Everyday
18. KROC Radio Interview Pt. 3
19. Pocket Full Of Haze
20. Pearl
21. Recognize A Pimp Ft. R. Kelly
22. By Myself
23. Bang Bang Ft. LC
24. Official Gun Bussas
25. Warning


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