Slum Village – Bootleggin My Shit

January 31, 2007


Slum Village – Bootleggin My Shit (Listen Here)

RZA Speaks on New Bobby Digital Album, Afro Samurai Soundtrack

January 31, 2007


RZA has recently entered the studio to make a come back with his alter ego Bobby digital. The album is going to be titled ‘DigiSnacks’

“Yeah yeah, I’m wilin’ out,” “I just got serious about it for the last two months really. We buggin’ out on there. We having a good time, Grizzly Adams style. It’s grizzly.” RZA told

If you cant wait that long go cop the new afro samurai soundtrack, I heard it myself and I must say its worth buying.

“The music was done before the animation. I had to work off of something called Animatics, it’s just like storyboards, that moves,” “It was kind of deep for my but I did it. A little harder than normal, but I did it.” RZA told

The show is dope also, you can catch it Thursday nights at 11:00 pm, its a must see.

Other news
: the Wu-Tang Clan also recently announced a reunion album titled 8 Diagrams, the group’s first album in over six years.

Where Are They Now?

January 31, 2007


Their Right Here

Damn. Can’t beleive it! NaS got Redhead Kingpin, Spinderella, Rob Base, Father MC, Monie Love, Mike D, EST, Positive K, Das EFX, Lords of the Underground, and Dres. Unbeleiveable. Listen for yourself.

Thanks to OnSmash

Wouldn’t Get Far

January 31, 2007

Funny shit. LMAO @ Gloria Velez bein in that shit..

Also, heres a behind the scenes from MTV News.

Those New Cam Joints

January 30, 2007

Cam’Ron back on that Confession’s Of Fire and Big L flow shit… those where the days..
A few days old but hell, more people gotta peep this.

Track One
Track Two

illRoots Grab Bag: Vol. 2

January 30, 2007

A Tribe Called Quest – Show Business… KINGGS wanted it so I figured “woops i forget yesterday, here we go.”

A Tribe Called Quest – Show Business (Listen Here)

Chrome Children Volume 2

January 29, 2007


1. Madlib the Beat Konducta – Chrome Dreams (1:22)
2. M.E.D. – Rhymes with an L (1:28)
3. Roc C – Living for the City (3:36)
4. Chocolate Star – Stay with Me (3:22)
5. Percee P – Reverse Part 2 (3:06)
6. Oh No – Gitback (3:17)
7. Guilty Simpson – Money Motivated Movements (2:16)
8. Madlib the Beat Konducta – Selah’s Children (1:31)
9. Baron Zen – BZ Theme (Danny Breaks Remix) (3:00)
10. Aloe Blacc – Happy Now? (3:33)
11. J.Rocc – Bubbha’s Dance (3:05)
12. Gary Wilson – Soul Traveling (2:34)
13. Clifford Nyren – Keep Running Away (Egon’s Edit) (4:22)
14. The Jazzistics – Marcus, Martin and Malcolm (3:26)
15. James Pants – Murder (2:28)
16. Arabian Prince – Strange Life (6:51)

Get it here (Download Here)

Kanye Says He Didn’t Produce ‘Down and Out’

January 29, 2007

So yeah, I guess this dude Brian Miller actually produced it and Kanye was just like whatever… Still a hot ass beat even though Cam’Ron was wack… he’s bringing some heat now though with his new tracks… I guess…

“Listen To Kanye “Confess”

9th Wonder and Little Brother split;Big Pooh speaks on label rumors

January 28, 2007


“First, I want to say that Little Brother has not been dropped from
Atlantic,” Rapper Pooh told HipHopGame. “At this time we are in the
process of negotiating our release from the label due to a difference in

“We asked to be released,” Manager Big Dho added. “I think we may just
put the album out on Asylum to close our deal, but it’s definitely a
wrap for us at Atlantic. We weren’t happy with how things were going and
we decided we wanted to leave and on their end, they decided that they
didn’t want to deal with that either.”

“It’s no big deal though,” Dho added. “Nobody on our end is mad or has
any ill feelings towards their company.”

“It wasn’t a situation where they decided to drop us due to lack of
sales,” Pooh said. “If that was the case, they never would have opened
up the budget for us to record Getback .”

Getback, Little Brother’s third album, is close to completion but has no
release date yet.

“We as a group just felt that it was not in our best interest to remain
in a situation where our needs were constantly being overlooked. We
didn’t have an A&R for The Minstrel Show. We don’t have any type of
relationship with our current A&R. There are just a lot of internal
issues that ended up working against us.”

Pooh also addressed the rumors regarding producer 9th Wonder’s
involvement, or lack thereof, in Little Brother’s Getback. “Little
Brother has decided, in the best interest of the group, for Little
Brother and 9th Wonder to part ways. There are no hard feelings and no
beef. This is just a decision that had to be made so all three of us
could move forward and continue to provide the world with dope music.

Little Brother’s latest mixtape, And Justus For All, mixed by DJ Mick
Boogie, will be available for download February 13. “The decision to
release And Justus For All via download was a decision made by us. After
the Drama situation, we felt it was in the best interest of all of us to
just give this mixtape away with the current climate of the mixtape

And Justus For All will be available for download February 13. More
details on where to download it will be given closer to the release

DJ Jazzy Jeff Feat. Rhymefest – Jeff n Fess

January 27, 2007


DJ Jazzy Jeff – Jeff n Fess (Feat. Rhymefest) (Listen Here)