A Message To The Mixtape Community – Mixunit

A Message To The Mix Unit Community:

In light of the recent developments in the mixtape community, The Mix Unit would like to address some important points for our supporters, our DJs and the fans of mixtapes world wide.

First and foremost, we want to pledge our unwavering support for DJ Drama and DJ Cannon, as well as the rest of the DJs involved in the mixtape culture. For several years we have supported and contributed to this culture that we love, and have always been committed to preserving the DJ and promoting their unique talents and abilities.

The DJs and their influences have forever been a cornerstone of hip-hop, as DJs have long been tastemakers and leaders in the field of artist promotion. Mixtapes have forever served as a platform for artists to promote their music in a form unique to hip-hop, and our allegiance lies with the DJs and the culture they’ve helped create. We plan to remain the leader in bringing you the best and newest hip-hop music, entertainment and fashion.

We encourage that you support the artists and their music, and not to support bootlegged music, illegally downloaded music or illegal file sharing. We are currently making every effort to alleviate the confusion between DJs, mixtapes and bootlegging and work towards a solution that benefits everybody involved.

We will be reorganizing and are in the process of implementing new and exciting features to MixUnit.com that are positive to the artists, DJs and fans of this special element of hip-hop. You can rest assured that we will remain your #1 spot for hip-hop music, DJs and the culture because WE ARE THE DJ and WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT THE DJ.


The Mix Unit Team


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