RZA Speaks on New Bobby Digital Album, Afro Samurai Soundtrack


RZA has recently entered the studio to make a come back with his alter ego Bobby digital. The album is going to be titled ‘DigiSnacks’

“Yeah yeah, I’m wilin’ out,” “I just got serious about it for the last two months really. We buggin’ out on there. We having a good time, Grizzly Adams style. It’s grizzly.” RZA told allhiphop.com.

If you cant wait that long go cop the new afro samurai soundtrack, I heard it myself and I must say its worth buying.

“The music was done before the animation. I had to work off of something called Animatics, it’s just like storyboards, that moves,” “It was kind of deep for my but I did it. A little harder than normal, but I did it.” RZA told allhiphop.com.

The show is dope also, you can catch it Thursday nights at 11:00 pm, its a must see.

Other news
: the Wu-Tang Clan also recently announced a reunion album titled 8 Diagrams, the group’s first album in over six years.


11 Responses to RZA Speaks on New Bobby Digital Album, Afro Samurai Soundtrack

  1. kingkrool says:

    Bobby Digi is shit. RZA should just make beats.

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