NaS – Hope (Unreleased Original Version)


This is the original version of Hope, which should of been on the album, Unfortunately the label couldn’t clear the sample, I don’t know about you, but I’m about to switch the acapella with this, because its dope as hell. Don’t kill me if this really isn’t the original, because this is a rumor, but it sounds like its the original, after all it was Produced by Wyldfyer, who co-produced Black Republicans.

NaS – Hope (Unreleased Original Version) (Listen and Download Here)

4 Responses to NaS – Hope (Unreleased Original Version)

  1. Jon_E says:

    If this is legit, major props homie

  2. Timmy says:

    Thanks for posting kinggs!…Nas is one of the illest mcs in the game right now.

  3. wyldfyer says:

    ahh…yeah thats the original. its not a rumor. crazy thing is how this is ONLY on my myspace but now its all over lol. its cool. i wanted ppl to hear it. but the funniest thing is all the speculation of why its not on the album…

  4. […] street track, “Death Anniversary”, have heard the original version of Nas’ “Hope”, or were lucky enough to peep the dope remix of “The Black Album: Classik”. I was […]

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