M.O.P. Signs on To Push Sizzurp, Plans LP


M.O.P. have signed on to endorse the Sizzurp Liqueur product originally developed and marketed with Cam’ron and Jim Jones. Pretty weird how this is happening since Cam and Curtis are “beefing”. According to Sizzurp’s distributor, Straight Up Brands, the group will push the drink with product placement in new song lyrics, music videos, and while on tour worldwide with tour van wraps, stage banners and on-stage pours. Straight Up Brands, the company that originally developed the drink in early 2007, also has plans to put out a pineapple flavored beverage called Lucky Nites with Lil Flip (I know I’m laughing too), a brand of sparkling wine with Foxy Brown, and Storm Vodka with DJ Clue.

7:30, the first single from MOP’s upcoming G-Unit debut LP, has been selected by CBS Sports and the New York Knicks for use during their broadcasts. The video for the song, which will feature Sizzurp product placement, which I think is pretty wack that they are signing up and forcing themselfs to promote a product through there music, is currently being edited for MTV and is scheduled to debut on March 1. The new album, rumored to be called Yearly Physical, is set for a May 2007 release and the group is preparing to put out their first world tour since signing to 50 Cent’s label.


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