Detox Instrumentals?

Well… I highly doubt this shit is real. The beats do in fact bang like Dre beats, but after listening to the Doctors Advocate, who the fuck can tell anymore. Here it is anyway. 7 rumoured instrumentals that will be appearing on Detox, according to the dude that uploaded it. Only time will tell.
Don’t forget where you heard it first!


9 Responses to Detox Instrumentals?

  1. Nah, these aren’t real… but I wish they (and the emcees they are supposedly for) were. I really do.

  2. ThaCreator says:

    Those beats are Fiya regardless if they on detox or not ,this shit is better than anything being put out these days.

  3. suckaFree says:

    naw, this aint Dre. He wouldnt have waited 6 years to put out THESE beats!! and they sound nothing like them beats hes been puttin out for other artists lately. this is just some dj playin the piano, and f***in around with sum synthesizers!
    and that jay beat sounds the closest to a dre beat.
    P e A c E !

    But on the real it is better than alot of shit out now.

    CANT WAIT!!!!!!!

  4. Qualmes says:

    LMAO…beats are pure fruity loops trash…there just loops…bad ones at that

  5. Qualmes you’re a fucking faggot, litte bitch made nigga. You know what it is homie… come out to Vegas nigga.

  6. Shopviral says:



  7. Cars says:

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