Kanye ‘Falls Out’

With a title like that I should write for like the New York Times or some shit…

“I dont know what this song is talking about… do you?”

Anyway, I guess ‘Ye contacted those homo’s Fall Out Boy to record a remix to ‘This Aint A Scene, Its A God Damn Arms Race’…. Surprisingly it turned out kinda cool… Kanye spits one of the funniest verses i’ve ever heard, with a line like “One thing I gotta call out boy/ take a look at Fall Out Boy/ Since they ain’t black when they get money they don’t ball out boy/ They just buy tight jeans till there nuts hang all out boy/ They figure ‘Ye dress tight so we gon dress tighta/ He dress white so we gon dress whiterrr/”

Listen and download it here.


2 Responses to Kanye ‘Falls Out’

  1. sdott313 says:

    lol kanye is a damn clown. that beat is kinda hot though

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