Noname Rapper Airs Out Hov


Noname emcee Omilio Sparks, who was once a member of Roc-a-Fella Records, is speaking out about his old label as well as Camel Hov. In a recent interview, Sparks went on to claim that things at The Roc weren’t all good.

“It wasn’t all that it cracked up to be. It was smoke and mirrors. In the beginning it was all cool ’cause we was all young. You had Neef and them, they was 16, 17 [years-old] and Me and O was like 18, 20 [years-old] at the time. You straight from the ghetto, you meet Hov and next thing you know, you’re on TV. You got albums out, you’re on the road, so it was a rush. Everything was cool. Then we start blowin’ up. Then everybody wanting to know the business side of things. Me and O was doing our thing, but then O kept going to jail, getting locked up, so he couldn’t put nothing out. The Gunnas is dropping they thing, Freeway came did his thing, then the Roc-A-Fella break up come. Mac goes to jail, then there’s a bunch of bullshit going on,” he recently explained to XXL.

According to Sparks and anyone who listens to Hip-Hop, Jay hasn’t done what he should be doing.

“From my perspective as a nigga, if I put that kinda work in for somebody, you gotta look out. If you put soldiers out in the field, and they lose a leg or something they [get] the Purple Heart and shit like that. They get they veterans check, you feel me?…[They] put theysleves in position for you, and at the end of the day you say, fuck ‘em…I haven’t talked to Dame. Reached out to Hov. In fact, we bumped heads a few times.”

So, what sparked this problem with spark and Jay?

“Went up to the office a while go and hollered at TyTy. But not recently. He a busy man, too. I tried to get him to clear the record, “It Aint’ My Fault,” so I don’t know what he up to right now…We tried to get it cleared and he ain’t want to clear the record. I don’t understand. It’s business. I would like to see him and ask, “What? You don’t like the record?” I want to talk to him and look him in his face ask, “What’s up?” We had a deal for that record, change for it up front. All he had to do was clear it—call downstairs and clear the record,” he added.

Before leaving, he had this message for Jay-Z.

“Clear the record man! Clear the muthafuckin’ record man! Don’t stop my bread. Fuck, what for?! That’s all.”


One Response to Noname Rapper Airs Out Hov

  1. Timmy says:

    Well my personal opinion is that Jay-Z never gave a fuck about any of his artists. First Amil, then Teairra Mari, then O and Neffie so its like all he cares about is his damn self. He needs to realise the hot talent he had on the Roc roster before just dropping and letting them go down the water. Major props to kinggs for this article.

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