Rumoured The Carter 3 Cover

My homie who writes for a hip hop mag over in the UK sent me it… He said it was official but I’m not sure.
*Bird Call* IM OUT!


9 Responses to Rumoured The Carter 3 Cover

  1. Deezy says:

    What a create name…. Birdman Sr. better be all over this shit.

  2. Deezy says:

    creative* name

  3. sk93 says:

    looks way too corny to be real.

  4. Rekzai says:

    looks photoshopped with the outerglow and shit + thats a gay looking pic of him so i doubt they would use it for his album lol

  5. Timmy says:

    Thats a whack ass cover!

  6. Colin says:


  7. Hnorijux says:

    eRvASB comment3 ,

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