Little Brother – And Justus For All (Review)


I really liked the tape, Phonte was Phonte, he never disappoints when he spits, Big Pooh was Big Pooh, he never comes with a god awful verse, he rarely breaks past average though, the production was solid, which unlike alot of people, did not suprise me. The Justus League has a very talented team of producers, just because 9th Wonder isn’t behind Little Brother anymore doesn’t mean they can’t have good production anymore.

My favorite record was probably Last Day, Phonte told a good story and he put alot of humor into it too, and it didn’t come out cheesy at all, thats hard to do. I really liked Skillz verse on the ‘Life Of The Party Remix’ alot aswell.

All in all, I really enjoyed the bulk of this release and I can’t wait for there 2007 LP ‘The Getback’, hopefully this mixtape was just a sign of things to come for ‘Te and Pooh.

For anyone who hasn’t downloaded it yet (Click Me)

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