LOL @ Whoo Kid

He just put out a few tapes, one of them being Heir To The Throne with Memphis Bleek and G-Unit Radio Pt. 23 (Finally Off Papers) with Tony Yayo. If I were to add up the total length of those two combined it would be less then 45 minutes. The Bleek jumpoff is 18 minutes long, with a weak 10 song tracklist, including an intro and outro. Yayo joint is 26 minutes. WTF are you doing Whoo Kid? 18 minutes? 26 minutes? Seriously. Wow.
He also dropped a Best of 50 Cent Part Two which is 42 minutes. Not bad, still shorter then Bow Wow.

Cop those two tapes over at iMixtape if you care to listen to em.


2 Responses to LOL @ Whoo Kid

  1. sdott313 says:

    damn shame and track 3 got restarted in the middle of it so instead of it being a lil over 3 minutes it was liek a minute and a half.

  2. Paralex says:

    Pathetic. Whoo Kid doesn’t put any effort into mixtape either, they just throw tracks together unlike me who mixes, etc.

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