New Beastie’s Coming Soon

It’s been about three years since the Beastie Boys hit the world with To the 5 Burroughs. Now, with a new tour schedule for May/June, the legendary group is looking to finish their latest album to get it out in stores at around the same time.

More info here.

I love the Beastie Boys. At first, I hated To The 5 Boroughs, but after like 4 months I really liked it. Hope this shit is iller though.


2 Responses to New Beastie’s Coming Soon

  1. deezy says:

    i’ll wait to see what you haveta say about it before i rush out and by it.

  2. Paralex says:

    Yeah, it took me a while to like The 5 Boroughs and that album brings back some good memories, hope that the new album is hot and that they stay in their “ol’ school” style.

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