illRoots has a Forum

If you haven’t noticed, Kinggs and I set up our forum about a week ago and tried to keep it on the DL by not making a post about it. But now we feel are ready for everyone to know about it.
So join up and par take in the back and forth hip hop discussions.
You can also download new tracks and mixtapes that you may not find posted on the blog.
If your an artist or musician then go show off as well.
Thanks ya’ll for the support. It’s great to see us grow as we have been.
16,000 hits and counting!

6 Responses to illRoots has a Forum

  1. Hip Hop says:

    lol way to go kinggs

  2. maza says:

    yeh goodshit.
    we needa get this place bumpn
    join up ppl

  3. wacks says:

    KINGGS aint do shit

    Paralex did most of the work
    I payed for it

  4. maza says:


  5. Paralex says:

    Yeah, but I wanna keep it low key. I don’t wanna be treated better than any of the other members.

  6. kinggs says:

    its true, KINGGS is a lazy cheap bastard

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