GTA4 Trailer

Good old New York…
Big ups to Maza for the link.


7 Responses to GTA4 Trailer

  1. Maza says:

    prob the most watched vid in the world over the past 2 hours.
    shits crazy, luvin the grafixs.
    nyce choice in nyc.
    character seems koo, i guess they wanted another nationality so they went with russian.
    kant wait to find out mo abt the storyline

  2. Hip Hop says:

    looks good but they should have made it longer

    & I wanna see some gameplay

  3. Maza says:

    gess they wanted to keep ppl on edge,

    n they succeeded

  4. kinggs says:

    Damn shit looks great.

  5. Wonder Bread says:

    no love for me for bringin it to your attention? 😦 j/p

  6. nyc says:

    that all is gameplay. none of it is CGI

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