Track The Movement [4/5/07]

Wuts a hip hop blog without a daily wrap-up?
Let’s get into it!!

Cam’Ron changes his album name to ‘Courtesy Curtis’, which will supposedly be dropping in July. He also says hes working on a sitcom called ‘Curtis’. Seriously. Need more proof? Click here to listen to Cam talk all about this on Hot 97 this morning.

The Game – Vida (They Love It)
The Game goes at Vida, again. Possibly the worst/most unnecessary beef’s in hip hop history.

This week’s Soundscan numbers.

‘Hip-Hop Owes Women An Apology’.

Lil’ Mama – Lip Gloss [Video].
I remember hearing this little diddy on the radio a few weeks ago. Made me want to kill myself. At least it doesn’t involve a new dance.

Diddy says he didn’t get Aubrey pregnant.

Crooked I – Straight To The Bank Freestyle
Via the good people at OnSmash.

Black Milk: Detroit’s Golden Child.

Big Mike & Styles P. – The Phantom [Download].


11 Responses to Track The Movement [4/5/07]

  1. Maza says:

    nyce read. luvin the idea of a wrap up.

    interesting to read the soundscan, redman only sold 44k. thought he wud have dun better.

  2. illroots says:

    i didnt lol
    thats about wut i expected

  3. kinggs says:

    Noone did anything for numbers. Probably wont for the rest of the year either.

  4. Hip Hop says:

    Record sales have gone down this year

  5. Maza says:

    and they will continue to cus of the net

  6. sk93 says:

    haha i be doin that psssssssssst shit sometimes to just see who turns around…

    styles p link is down

    redman’s sales sucked because the album sucked.

  7. Above says:

    I agree, this album is pretty bad. I hope the next one is a lot better.

  8. kinggs says:

    I liked the album. I sure do hope that Muddy Waters II is what he says it is going to be though.

  9. illroots says:

    i would to go as far as saying it “sucked” and was “pretty bad”
    it was a solid drop. 50 times better then Doc’s The Name…

  10. Maza says:

    all the best tracks were at the start. the album seemd to get worse as you went thru it.

  11. kinggs says:

    Your kind of right actually.

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