Featured: Wyldfyer

Whether you knew it or not, Wyldfyer was the dude who co-produced every true hip hop fan’s favorite track this past winter. The banging sample, the tight drums, and Nas & Jay-Z flowing on the same track for the first time ever, “Black Republican” was definatley a historic track, even on first listen. You may remember him for the Nas’ street track, “Death Anniversary”, have heard the original version of Nas’ “Hope”, or were lucky enough to peep the dope remix of “The Black Album: Classik”. I was fortunate enough to chat one-on-one with Wyldfyer the other day and talk about everything from working with L.E.S. to the most important parts of production. We know that he has alot in store for ’07 and this will definatley be the year of the Wyldfyer. Keep your eyes, and ears, open.

Wacks: What’s good Wyldfyer?

Wyldfyer: Nuttin’ much man, just chillin’.

Wa: That’s good to hear. For those who don’t know, you wanna introduce yourself?

Wy: No doubt. I have many names but everyone will get to know Wyldfyer. I’m from Philly, currently residing in [the] ATL. I’ll probably go down in history but unfortunately for my first major song, lol, that being Nas featuring Jay-Z, Black Republicans.

Wa: You produced that with L.E.S., correct?

Wy: Yes sir! L.E.S. had a lot to do with the direction of that actual song because, you know, producing is more than just doing a beat. L.E.S. put the whole thing together and even made sure the mix was right. As far as the track itself, that was me.

Wa: Now thats a story to tell the grandchildren (lol) L.E.S. has been in the game for quite some time, how did you hook up with him?

Wy: (LOL). You know GOD is good. And that’s so real. I was discovered originally by a producer named St. Nick, formerly of So So Def, now with The Underdog. We all went bowling one time and my homeboy Lil’ Ronnie brought L.E.S. By the way, Ronnie just produced “Imma Flirt” for Bow Wow and the remix for R. Kelly to shout him out for that. Anyway, I met L.E.S at the bowling alley and we just hit it off. I gave him a copy of my demo, which was a completely remixed Black Album from Jay-Z. He loved it and I initially built his website, hoping for a chance to get a track to Nas. One thing led to another and I ended up producing, “Death Anniversary” which was going to be on the album BEFORE Def Jam came along. It’s kinda crazy how the whole thing went down.

Wa: Thats ill! So there are some unreleased Hip Hop is dead tracks floating around somewhere?

Wy: Well, “Death Anniversary” was before the concept of Hip Hop Is Dead but I think there are some tracks that didn’t make the album. I posted the original version of “Hope” on my MySpace. Time was the only reason that [Death Anniversary] wasn’t on the album.

Wa: That leads me to my next question. I’m sure most of us out there have heard the original version of “Hope” that you produced. Why didn’t it make the cut?

Wy: Well, as I remember it, we were down to the last week or two and Nas hit L.E.S. up for some more joints. So we came up with a couple of tracks for the song “Hustlas” not being sure if Dre was going to release the track. One of the remixes that I sent L ended up being “Money Over Bullshit” and L also played the track for “Hope”. M.O.B. didn’t have any samples so it was good, plus Nas was spiting kinda fierce on that. We knew there wasn’t enough time for sample clearances, even though Nas cut the vocals so we actually did ANOTHER version of “Hope” with no sample featuring Chrisette Michelle. I guess that was even too close to the original so they didn’t take any chances. Mad props to L.E.S. because he put that interpolation together QUICK!!! So like I said, time was the issue. I’ve never seen a sample cleared in one week, (lol), so they just put the acapella on the album.

Wa: Ah yes, the familiar sample clearance (lol) Did u check any of the remixes that people did with the acapella?

Wy: Nah actually, I haven’t heard but one. If you know some sites that I can go to, let me know. I’d love to see how other people interpreted that song, not even hearing the original. Gotta be honest though, I’ve played with the vocals myself, (lol). I got my own remixes.


Wa: Speaking of remixes, you mentioned earlier about your Black Album remix cd. I heard alot about that, what set yours apart from all the other Black Album remixes that were going around? Did u make all the beats with the acapellas in mind?

Wy: Hmm, good question. Well, what I heard from people was that it didn’t sound like the same person did the whole thing, track wise. I touched on all the music I love, Soul, Hip-Hop, Rock, and Jazz. Actually I think that’s what sets me apart all together…the ability to produce different styles but still be original. Some of the tracks I already had and some I did with the ‘pellas

Wa: Which tracks were your favorite?

Wy: My favorite tracks? Hmmm. It changes depending on mood. I like the “What more can I say” one with Jay-Z featuring Biggie the most.

Wa: What can we expect from Wyldfyer this year?

Wy: WOW.

Wa: That much huh? (lol)

Wy: Didn’t I say GOD is good, (lol)

Wa: (lol)You told me earlier that you’ve been working with Tru Life, Cassidy, and Freeway. What do you have in store with that, and what else are you planning on doing?

Wy: Tru, Cass, and Free all should have tracks now. It’s kinda crazy like I was saying before, each day different things happen. Me and L.E.S. got so much stuff in the works from newcomers like J.Rock and Bossman to vets like Raekwon and Memphis Bleek. I mean L’ got NY for sure.On my end, I’m working with some of Dallas Austin’s artists, mainly a cat named Sy Scott who’s from my city. Sy’s stuff is CRAZY!!! I also just got a call today from my man Jaha over at J.Records. So we working on stuff for Mary J., Usher’s group One Chance, and hopefully the man himself, Usher. Also, messing with Grand Hustle.

Wa: Damn, on ya grizzly eh?

Wy: YESSIR!!! I am sincerely trying. I also have my own artists. Chriz Clark is one of the dopest EMCEE’s in a long time. We got something for the south too in my cousin’s group, South and Crook. They are signed to our label, Big Boss Entertainment. And you know, working with a vet like L, you NEVER know who’s gonna call him.

Wa: ’07 sounds like the year of the Wyldfyer.

Wy: I sincerely hope so. 7 is a good number. Me and ‘L are like a perfect combo. You got the new fresh cat and the vet that know how it should be done, you know? I encourage all young producers to study the professionals if you aren’t blessed enough to meet one.

Wa: Very true. What is your best advice to up and comers trying to make it as a producer?

Wy: I hate to sound cliche but this is my HONEST advice. Two things: 1. Establish a team (friends, chicks, whoever) who will be HONEST about your music. If cats think EVERYTHING is hot, they are lying. A few years ago my man Chriz Clark told me to step my drum game up and at first I was heated. Then I listened and heard what he meant. They have never been thin since. And number 2., establish your OWN sound. Don’t be a “me too” producer.

Wa: Which beat/producer made you say, “Damn, I wanna do that!”

Wy: The ones in my head *no psycho*. (lol) I used to make beats from old tapes using a 2-tape deck radio for fun. Then I started hearing them in my head… like wondering why a song did THIS instead of THAT. Plus I always played instruments like piano and violin. Anyway, I guess The Chronic and the first BBD album were it for me.

Wa: You use samples in many of your beats correct?

Wy: I try to stay 50-50 at MOST. It also depends on the artist.

Wa: What elements of samples do you find most important?

Wy: You can really get carried away with sampling so I gotta create all original material as well. Man I tell you what, making the drums make the sample, and how you chop it. If your snare and kick are wack, you wasted a good sample. Or if your sample is running too fast or slow and not going with the drums, it sounds sloppy.

Wa: So the drums can make or break the beat?

Wy: Y.E.S. S.I.R.!!! Especially for an emcee that rides the beat, which is a core element of southern hip hop.

Wa: Yeah, I can see how that cud vary. What equipment do you use when making beats?

Wy: I use it ALL. MPC, Reason (for like one beat though, (lol) FL Studio. Sometimes all live instruments just sequenced in [Pro] Tools. It all depends on what I’m trying to do. I am not biased at all. Truthfully, there are some ideas that are so complex that there is no way I could bang it out on the MPC. But then I may want a beat to bang so hard that I gotta bang on them pads. I also got a secret weapon that I can’t disclose, (lol). Circa 1985…

Wa: So your a very all around, diverse producer… My last question, what’s the best advice youve ever received?

Wy: WHOA!!! Let me think on that for a second.

Wa: Take your time (lol)

Wy: Wow. There are several levels, professional advice (like Dallas saying not to take a public deal just yet if you gettin’ placements) and artistic advice (like Chriz telling me to step my drum game up). How about this, the BEST advice for everything is to keep GOD first. I honestly feel like I am a vehicle for this music and hopefully he keeps blessing me with the gift.

Wa: That’s definetley a great set of adivce, for anyone who wants to get in the music biz. You wanna give any shoutouts?

Wy: Shout out to the true sound creators in the game: Timbaland, Dr. Dre, the ‘Tunes, Manny Fresh, Just Blaze and last but not least J. Dilla. And Lil Jon, my bad.

Wa: Alrite, thanks alot man for your time.

Wy: Man thank you.

Wa: Can’t wait to see the big things your gonna be doing this year.

Wy: Man yall pray Nas outs this Black Republican out as a single so ya boy can get a grammy, (lol)

Wa: (lol) Hell yeah.

Wy: Alright brother…1. Oh, and don’t forget, cats can hit me on myspace. I actually answer ALL messages. www.myspace.com/wyldfyer.

We would once again like to thank our homey Wyldfyer for holdin’ us down with the interview.
Make sure you check him out on the Myspace.

Download Wyldfyer’s ‘Black Album: Classik” here.

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  1. Hip Hop says:

    Great interview btw

  2. illroots says:

    double post what?
    thanks by the way

  3. Maza says:

    Fantastic read.
    i gotta be honest, like you said at the start whether you know it or not, (which i didnt) ive been listenin to this dude tracks already. looks forward to the stuff he produces with freeway and cas.
    Nice interview

  4. I told you that you were destined for greatness homie…. Keep it up, I’ll stay in contact..

    Blessings for Wyldfyer

  5. I told you yhat you were destined for greatness homie.. Keep it up, I’ll stay in contact

    Blessings to Wyldfyer


  6. BONNIE YAEDE says:

    You are truly a blessing, and keep GOD first and you will get all your dreams to come true. You seem to know a lot about music at your young age. good luck and I hope you get actually what you are looking for. Peace Bonnie

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