OhWord Found Cam’s Rhyme Book!

Aw shit!! This is hysterical. I vote this for hip-hop post of the year.
Look at all the scans here.

Big shouts to OhWord.com.


6 Responses to OhWord Found Cam’s Rhyme Book!

  1. Maza says:

    haha, lmao

  2. kinggs says:


  3. Cense says:

    Damn, i missed that. Looks like Cam’s internet boys got to the site before I could see it. Funny that OhWord’s whole site is down… in other words hacked.

  4. kinggs says:


  5. sk93 says:

    yeah man, the Dips are quite computer savy. remember when they haxed Tru Life’s myspace? anyway, ohword is back now.

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