Weezy preps album

Lil Wayne has been through alot of shit this year, Whether it be kissing his unrelated male friend Birdman, Making the endless amount of remixes to popular Hip-Pop singles or even just sitting in the studio resiting his pre-school rhymes. Now that most of this controversy has died down he just wants to settle down and work on his album…

“I’m trying to drop my album at like the end of the year,” Wayne said.

“I’m a bouncing-around artist, on everybody’s track, whatever the style is, I’m on it,” he told MTV. “I’m being there for them now, and I’mma do me at the end of the year. So next year will be my whole year. But this year, I want to devote to those people, do their videos, come out, do shows with them. These songs are their singles, so if I’m not available, why even make it a single?”

Throw Some D’s [Travis Barker Remix] – Rich Boy

He also has spoke on the possibility of him working with the likes of Kanye West in the near future…

“I can’t clarify it because it’s still in the air..But I can say it’s way more than [producing] two songs. But you never know. The new move is definitely a blessing. A new opportunity. Of course I’m gonna use it as much as I can.”

Mannie Fresh is also another he is said to be working with an for most of you weezy fans that would of been a laughable subject last year, but it looks like he is actually going to work with him this time around…

“We been talking about it. I told him what my restrictions are. I said, ‘As long as it’s you, I’m fine with it. I don’t have no problems with it. As long as it’s paid for and all the paperwork is done, I’m cool with it.’ Because just as much as I’m a part of [Wayne], he’s a part of me. I don’t see nothing wrong with it. I had bad business with one person in that equation, Baby. That shouldn’t stop me and Wayne from doing something.”

If your one of those ten people out there that still think the Juelz & weezy album is going to happen your probably right also!

“Juelz just called me and said, ‘Since we waiting for somebody to come to the table with the right money, we have so much material, we should drop a mixtape…So that’s what we gonna do, drop a mixtape first. Then probably try to get some big names to do some beats and the album will drop. The mixtape will come by the end of the month. The album, we have to schedule it right. See what a company wants to do. Our plan was to do the whole album ourselves like some starving artists and present it to a company.”

Thats all folks, the daily weez-up is over!

Although there is also a small rumor circling around that during a concert this weekend NaS Dissed Lil Wayne about his little relationship with Birdman. This is just a rumor though, if its wrong don’t try to sue me or anything. If its correct you know where you heared it first!


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