The Lox Announce New Album


Jadakiss went on DJ Envy’s Hot97 show this past Sunday and announced that The Lox were planning on dropping an album this year an the conversation went alittle something like this…

“I’m trying to drop The Lox album first, anytime between May and June,” said Kiss…

“It’s crazy, son. It’s been like six years since we dropped a Lox album. So it was an experience we were waiting to do again. It’s interesting to see how the songs come out after all these years,” said Jada about The Lox reunion.

He also talked about the possibilty of a solo this year…

“Then I’m trying to come right behind that with a ‘Kiss album, if it goes well. If not, I may have to come first. I’m pushing for The Lox to come first because that project is almost finished.”

At this point you might be asking yourself, what label is The Lox messing with for this joint?, well…

“That’s another interview. It’s almost squared away. The deal should be done by early next week.”

It could be Def Jam, it could be Koch. Who knows. Lets just let these next few weeks pass and maybe we will hear some Lox news again soon 🙂


One Response to The Lox Announce New Album

  1. sk93 says:

    yeah i had my radio on and when i heard this i had to wiiiiild ouuuuuuuuuuut

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