In The Future There Will Be Flying Cars


We the illRooted care about all you Hip-Hop fans out there and we don’t want you to buy an album humans never should have associated with there ear drums, so we have decided to do a piece on some of the upcoming albums all Hip-Hop heads should have.

Some of you may remember are top 25 to look out for for 2007. this is going to be a little different. This time around, We are just going to give you the albums that have release dates set, because we all know that the ones that don’t have a release date at this point are sadly destine to come out in 2008. Okay now lets set this ish off…

The New Comers

Joell Ortiz – The Brick (Releasing April 24th)
Joell has been gaining alot of attention since his first mainstream appearance in the EA Sports Rap Battle held for there NBA Live video Game afew years ago. Then sometime later he signed with Aftermath, which makes him almost destine to blow-up with this album. I guess only time will tell, but he could be the future.

Sa-Ra – The Hollywood Recordings (Releasing April 24th)
Although they have been around for some time, This album is there debut in the album game. They make some of the most unique production around and are working with some pretty reliable emcees for this project, such as Talib Kweli, Pharoahe Monch, C-N-N and the late great J Dilla. This could very well be this years best “production
artist/team album”.

Lifesavas – Gutterfly (Releasing April 24th)
This is there second album, but I am pretty sure noone has heard of this trio from Portland. They have worked with the likes of dead prez, J-Live and Gift of Gab. I wouldn’t be surprised if this album becomes one of the most slept on albums this year.

The Mainstream Dream

50 Cent – Curtis S.S.K. (Releasing June 19th)
When your talking Mainstream Rap, the first artist that comes to mind is 50 Cent. Whether or not thats a good thing is not at question, whats at question is, What is Curtis going to pull out of his bag of jokes for this next album. We can expect beef, we can expect maybe two or three hit singles, but god only knows what else we can expect.

Three 6 Mafia – Last 2 Walk (Releasing May 8th)
Since the Triple six Mafia has received a grammy, I think its safe to say there pretty mainstream and with this next album they will have so far given us another hit club jam in “Dope Boy Fresh”. We will most likely see even more catchy club bangers with twice as much bang.

Fabolous – From Nothing To Something (Releasing June 12th)
I think its safe to say that everyone who follows Hip-Hop is probably atleast interested at what F-A-B-O has to say in this album. I know his other albums have been less then foot notes in the Hip-Hop world, but I have a feeling this one will be his break through, although thats what we have been saying since day one.

The Seasoned Vets

UGK – Underground Kingz
(Releasing June 26th)
What more is there to say about Bun B and Pimp C, they are one of the best duos around and are the blueprint for all Houston rappers to follow. One of the biggest questions is what can they bring fresh and new to the table, well to that I say, lets all wait impatiently for UGK to drop the album before we say a thing.

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony – Strength & Loyalty
(Releasing May 8th)
The Bone Thugs are yet another accomplished collective in the Hip-Hop game. Despite the fact they are going to be missing Bizzy, They can still put it down and I have no doubt in my mind that this album will be one of there best yet, even if it will never touch E 1999 Eternal, thats saying alot.

KRS-One – Hip-Hop Lives (Releasing May 22th)
With Marley Marl on his side despite there memorable beef, I think KRS can possibly make one of his better albums, considering he has quite afew who knows if thats saying alot or not. one things for sure though, this is going to be an album worth talking about at the end of the year.

The Most Wanted

Common – Finding Forever (Releasing July 10th)
Common Sense has been nothing short of brilliant for the fifteen or so years he has been around in the game. I can honestly say I have enjoyed every single album he has released. That being said, this should be no different and I expect with names like Kanye West and the late great J Dilla on the bill there is a huge possibility this will be the album of the year.

Pharoahe Monch – Desire (Releasing June 26th)
Pharoahe Monch has been around for a long time. He has helped make many classic records and has made afew alone. If his career was handled better, he could of been one of the most celebrated emcees ever. Well, I guess I am getting ahead of myself, because his career is far from over especially since he is releasing this and we can all expect he will be hungry for the title he has long deserved, Hip-Hop legend.

Last But Never Least

Alchemist – Rapper’s Best Friend (Releasing April 24th)
ALC has been making beats for Prodigy and Havoc for years. Its just in recent years he has been getting more an more popular and now is one of the producers everyone wants on there album credits. I expect this beat tape will be one of the best this year will see.

A-Plus – My Last Good Deed (Releasing May 1st)
For all of you Hiero fans out there, you know the genius that A-Plus is. For the rest of you out there, A-Plus could possibly be your gate way to being a fan of the Hieroglyphics. I would like to ask you one thing though, where you been?

Closing Time

So what did we learn here today B-boys and B-girls? Hopefully its that Hip-Hop lives and for the upcoming months hopefully all these albums we have talked about will be in your local stores and we will all go pick them up, not to say we didn’t download them, but more so to shove in the faces of non-believers of the Hip-Hop Culture.


6 Responses to In The Future There Will Be Flying Cars

  1. Above says:

    Should mention Saigon’s album too, hes pretty underated.

  2. Maza says:

    Fantastic article
    KRS, Bone Thugz, Common, is what im waiting for from this list

  3. OJ LOOPZ says:

    Is that Alc thing definetly coming out next week?
    This is the first place I’ve heard of it….should be good.


  4. kinggs says:

    Yeah its coming next week. Be on the look out for all those up there.

  5. Maza says:

    Sa-Ras just droped.
    also bone thugzz

  6. […] have to be honest I didn’t know much about Sa-Ra until Kinggs wrote an article about Upcoming Albums. Anyway after some research I found out they were sort of a old skool soul/jazz group with a blend […]

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