God Bless Your Family

Our good friend Enke wrote a beautiful song about the terrible situation that occured yesterday at Virgina Tech.
R.I.P. to all those who passed and pray for the best to their friends and families.

Read our interview with Enke here.

Jin – Rain Rain Go Away (Tribute)



15 Responses to God Bless Your Family

  1. Maza says:

    thankyou enke, for suming up all our thoughts in this beautiful song.

  2. iolo says:

    awesome song dude, you’ve got real talent

  3. Leeza says:

    Wonderful song. It should be made into a CD single with the proceeds benefitting the unfortunate victims’ families, as well as the surviving victims and their families.

  4. Lynx says:

    Please contact me i’d like to play your song on my radioshow

  5. Kroon says:

    Very well done. Great lyrics, powerful message.

  6. blackatticus says:

    I said it on youtube, i’ll say it here: i wish more people would use all this technology to spread love. this song is powerful and i’m sure its help to save lives, changed someones mind about killing themselves, or finally helped someone else who may have lost a loved one to this or ANOTHER tragedy. thatz the power i’m hearing in this song. keep shining and giving HIM the glory as you should,Enke!

  7. Hau says:

    I wish to say this. Your song has powerful lyrics. And I’m glad that you took your time to write a song for the victims of the shooting. God bless you… Your song was beautiful

  8. carla says:

    hey…this is worth seeing….it made my mind drift into thought and i started thinking of all the insanity we all go thru….and it makes me realize that we can’t always pick those insane moments we do go thru….but somehow i feel a little better, a little softer after watching this…hope you get something out of it like i did

  9. […] singer Enké extends his sympathies to families who lost loved ones at Virginia Tech this past week. (Hat tip to The Moderate […]

  10. kinggs says:

    I think enke deserves a record deal. I mean this music thing isn’t fair when there is a guy who uses synths (T-Pain) is a popular RnB “singer” and enke can’t even master his masterpieces.

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