GZA Speaks On Album


I don’t [have a title for the album yet], but I want to deliver…not a mixtape, but something a little bit above that. But for the next official GZA album, I expect it to be mostly [done] by RZA and myself.

He also talks about the new Wu-Tang Clan album and the upcoming Raekwon as well.

For the entire interview click here…


4 Responses to GZA Speaks On Album

  1. G7 says:

    looking forward to a new GZA album. Him and Ghost are the most consistent out of the Wu. Can’t go wrong with them.

  2. Maza says:

    Kool, looking forward to it. whens the LP droping tho??

  3. […] GZA’s next album is on Babygrande. He refers to it as a step above a mixtape. It’s going to have production from his son. But for his next official album he says it’ll just be him and RZA. That would be nice. Link (via) […]

  4. Fatima says:

    He’s so handsome – sexy even. Boy, the dreams I have about him. Now, if I could use that energy on something real I could do something. 🙂

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