Timbaland – Shock Value [Review]

Review by: Maza

Chances are that if you’ve listened to any form of American mainstream music within the past few years, you either know of Timbaland or have heard his sound. Creating unique sounds for artists such as Aaliyah, Justin Timberlake, and Missy Elliott, as well as a host of others. Shock Value presents Timbaland with another chance to get his voice out there, following on from the Timbaland and Magoo project.

The first thing that hit me on first play is that the tracks sound so different from each other that you may be convinced that they’re not all from the same CD, or even from the same time period. From Elton John to Dr. Dre, and, from The Hives to 50 Cent.

Ok so it weird, I’ve establised that. But was it any good?

The definitive track of the album is ‘Give it to me’ Feat Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado. This i can honestly say is the best song of the LP, perfect production and a great beat. The rest of the album ranged from Okay to akward. Dont get me wrong there were some tracks such as ‘Way I Are (Feat. Keri Hilson & D.O.E.)’ ‘Kill Yourself (Feat. Sebastian & Attitude)’ and ‘Oh Timbaland’ which i promptly rated as 3 stars in my library.

But as a Pure Hip-Hop fan I cant say I enjoyed his collaborations with Fall out Boy and the Hives. These tracks just didnt get me excited. But I do praise Timbo for venturing into different genres and who am I to argue with his massive rise in plays on Last.FM. I would also like to note that ‘2 Man Show’ was billed as a Elton John Collab, but not once did Sir Elton actually sing a verse, which seems kind of odd.

Timbo’s Shock Value is definitely worth buying if you’re a fan of hip-hop, pop, or Timbaland in general. It’s obviously not this years best CD, but if you have a few spare bills in your pocket, its worth a shot.

9 Responses to Timbaland – Shock Value [Review]

  1. kinggs says:

    Congrats to Maza for catching a spot as the illRoots official reviewer.

  2. Maza says:

    yes and its going straight on my resume.

  3. Above says:

    Im planning to do a review soon for another album, nice review and I like the rating system to speaker boxes

  4. […] statements but I sure haven’t seen any saying shoot the rockstar..   Timbaland’s “Shock Value” got reviewed by illRoots member Maza.   Akon has gotta stop humping these girls on stage, especially when […]

  5. sk93 says:

    i told y’all to use the magic johnson rating system!!! just fuckin witcha, but good review.

  6. peter drury says:

    A good read. I would pretty much echo the same thoughts.
    Tho personally i thought the track with the hives was ok.

  7. Maza says:

    fine sk.
    its 3 magic johnsons.
    there, u happy now.lol

  8. luke goodman says:

    Nice Review.
    I agreed with most of it

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