What You Starin At?

I aint a mirror.
The new “stylin’ on you” phrase.

6 Responses to What You Starin At?

  1. kinggs says:

    God this is just sad, but I bet you anything if they would of told 36 there hook before they used it on stage, I bet they would of stole it.

  2. Above says:

    LOL this is funny, you should hear the other lines they say. “If you step on my feet, Imma step on yours” LOL!

  3. Maza says:

    im not a mirror.

  4. Small Eyez says:

    these dudes man….

    homo twins….wildin for the camera.

  5. Todd Kelley says:

    the hip hop is today, I can see that cut hittin’ #1.

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