Ludacris – Slap [Video]

Wonder what Big Bill O’Reilly thinks about hearing this shit on his children’s favorite radio station…
Girls Gone Wild > Slap

Shouts to OnSmash for the vid. I wish WordPress would let us embed shit so we wouldn’t hafta re-up to YouTube. *Throw’s pennies in illFountain*


Joell Ortiz – Brooklyn Bullshit [Video]


8 Responses to Ludacris – Slap [Video]

  1. KINGGS says:

    Steals pennies from illFountain…


  2. Maza says:

    im stuck down the illfountain.
    get help!

  3. illroots says:

    u mean the illWell?

  4. Maza says:

    oh yeh.
    go get help

  5. SK93 says:

    Im lovin that J Ortiz video. Mad shit I can relate too in there…I just hope he don’t sell out or change his style.

  6. peter drury says:

    nice vid

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