Michael Jackson Prank Call

Nice’s velcroe kicks Mike.

Listen here, shit is guaranteed hilarious. Ralphige is at it again, this time pretending to be Akon.

Shout’s to WorldStarHipHop for this one.


8 Responses to Michael Jackson Prank Call

  1. jeenyus says:

    can tell if it was authentic or not

  2. Hip Hop says:


  3. maz says:

    ooh im not sure bout this one

  4. EC says:

    I think it is real and Michael caught on real fast that it wasn’t Akon. He turned the tables on Ralphige and played him on it. Akon is the one on record as being the one who wants the biggest diamond in the world and his mine is in Senegal not Somalia. I think Micheal was questioning Ralphige to see how many things he would get wrong and just made up the part about wanting to buy a big diamond because he knew Ralphige would believe it.

    It’s like from his “Is It Scary” lyrics:

    I’m gonna be
    Exactly what you wanna see
    It’s you whose haunting me
    Your warning me
    To be the stranger
    In your life

  5. thiet ke betaviet…

    […]Michael Jackson Prank Call « illRoots[…]…

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