Sa-Ra – The Hollywood Recordings [Review]


Review by: Maza

I have to be honest I didn’t know much about Sa-Ra until Kinggs wrote an article about Upcoming Albums. Anyway after some research I found out they were sort of a old skool soul/jazz group with a blend of hip-hop beats thrown into the mix. In the past they have worked with such artists as Jurassic 5 and Pharoahe Monch. This all convinced me to cop their new debut album The Hollywood Recordings.

The LP kicks of with the calming and melodious Seagulls (Intro) which sets up the album nicely for a soothing ride. The album continues with the soulful ‘Hey Love’ and ‘Glorious’ in which I think they made use of a synthesizer.

‘And If (Feat Ty Of Ty & Kory)’ also had a gentle continuous beat similar to ‘Hey Love’, this track led up perfectly to what I feel was the best track on the LP, the sensational Rosebuds. The track can’t really be explained, but it’s sort of a quirky jive song with a enjoyable repetitive beat with a rather annoying voice singing over it (although with this track the voice works perfectly, so thus not annoying).

The record continues with two more rather hip-hop orientated tracks, ‘Feel The Bass (Feat Talib Kweli)'(Kweli Killed it) and ‘Not On Our Level’ (Feat Capone-N-Noreaga)(who doesn’t enjoy a good CNN track).

But sadly after these two successful songs the album seems to take a sabbatical for the next 6 tracks. The annoying ‘Bitch’ followed by ‘ladies sing’, ‘Sweet sour you’ feat Bilal, ‘Tracy’ Feat Rozzy Daime and ‘fly away’ were all horrible on the ear, though for different reasons. Some seemed a little girly the others just didn’t work.

Thankfully ‘Fish Fillet’ feat Pharoahe Monch and ‘Thrilla’ featuring the late great J Dilla saved the album with their catchy lyrics and production.

But the final track Hollywood (Redux) I personally didn’t have the patience for. It was just too slow and long winded.

Overall this album was excellently produced and Sa-Ra’s soulful avante-garde beats were a joy to listen to. However it was let down by some of the latter tracks on the LP.
But nevertheless I felt it was still a very decent album .

7 Responses to Sa-Ra – The Hollywood Recordings [Review]

  1. luke goodman says:

    Nice review.
    I havent got this album, not really sure if this style of music is for me..
    btw, what was your final rating?

  2. feltthebass says:

    kweli is sick!

  3. KINGGS says:

    The boom boxs represent the score, in this cae it was a 3.5 out of 5.

  4. Maza says:

    ^^yeh what kinggs sed.
    btw the first single from this lp is gonna be ‘feel the bass’
    vid on utube.

  5. Hip Hop says:

    yea I listened to this because of KINGGS too lol it was pretty goood

  6. KINGGS says:

    Yeah mang. I am the real music man, need any recommendations drop it at the e-mail son 🙂

  7. peter drury says:

    Nice review.

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