Track The Movement [5/3/07]

Nas is a terrorist in San Diego. [Link]

Ice Cube – Mixtape Shit (Video) [Link]
Were basically boycotting YouTube at this point. Not because there racist, but because they’ve deleted four of our accounts and our content on the daily.

Busta arrested again.[Link]

LOL @ the Cocaine City Vol. 8 cover. [Link]
Shout out to the homie PhillyCustoms on the design.

Luda and DTP backs that 9 year old producer Big Korey’s in an attempt to get a reality show. [Link]

RZA Interview. [Link]

Everyone needs burgers even Spidermans (Video) [Link]

“Clipse Working on Re-Up Gang Debut Album” [Link]

6 Responses to Track The Movement [5/3/07]

  1. Maza says:

    taking bets on how long it takes for utube to cancel current

    your gonna run outta names soon

  2. Maza says:

    tho, illtube sounds like a good name for the next

  3. illroots says:

    i tried it
    it was taken 😦

  4. Small Eyez says:

    that spiderman shit is hilarious.

  5. Enké says:

    Man its messed up how they keep suspending your Youtube account!!

  6. Maza says:

    ^^tru, but its to be expected.
    what with all the music vids ect.
    utube been clamping down on that since the takeover

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