5 Free iTunes Songs

No we havent partnered with iTunes or Apple. They wanted to but we said no. They tried to bribe us with 5 free iTunes songs so we said maybe and then dipped. 5 dollars worth of iTunes credit to whoever can name which MF DOOM beat has a Michael McDonald sample first.


9 Responses to 5 Free iTunes Songs

  1. Mark Jakovljevic says:

    Rhymes like dimes by MF Doom contains a sample from One hundred ways.

  2. wacks says:

    one hundred ways is by james ingram, not michael mcdonald lol
    and he has nothing to do with that song

  3. SK93 says:

    mandrake (Message from a blackman)

  4. SK93 says:

    (what a fool believes)


  5. wacks says:


  6. KINGGS says:

    Thanks for playing illShow please collect your prizes at the door.

  7. Maza says:

    dayum, was studyin for my exams. missed this.

    tho i wudnt have got it neway, well done sk.

  8. veronica says:

    100 ways

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