‘Amusement Park’ the same beat as ‘Your Majesty’?

May 8, 2007

Sure sounds like it.
If you don’t know what im talking about, it seems like the beat for ‘Amusement Park’, 50’s rumoured first single off of Curtis is exactly the same as Jim Jones, Stack Bundles, and Max B’s ‘Your Majesty’ off of “The 7 Day Theory” Mixtape which dropped last year with DJ Drama. It is produced by Dangerous LLC. I don’t know what this means but
Listen for yourself:
Your Majesty MP3
Amusement Park MP3

Cam wins. I guess. Or no, does Jimmy. Or does 50? Jay? Ah fuck it.

Fab On Rap City

May 8, 2007

Official Myspace Is Up!

May 8, 2007

Add us!!!
Let us know what you think.
Shout outs to the homey Paralex for the help!


Track The Movement [5/8/07]

May 8, 2007

According to the good people over at Okayplayer MTV will be airing a behind the scenes look at Commons new video for “The Game”. So make sure you catch that at 5:30 PM on MTV2. Common has apparently been a very busy man lately because he has also signed on to do yet another movie… [Link] Thats not all, in case you missed it, The Fader have supposedly heard a large portion of the album and here is what they said… [Link]

Wu-Tang Clan Releases Tour info… [Link]

Stones Throw Records is preparing to release several new albums this year including two from Madlib, one from his younger brother Oh No, the long awaited Percee P album, the recently pushed back Jaylib re-release, and many more.

Rumored 50 Cent cover for his upcoming album ‘Curtis’ [Link]

Hot Track: Styles P – The Hardest (Feat. AZ) [Link]
This is probably the best track I have heard Styles P put out in a long time and it doesn’t hurt having AZ co-spitting and Large Professor on the boards.