Kool G Rap – They Paid With Bullets

All new off his upcoming album Half a Klip coming soon to a mp3 player near you!

Kool G Rap – They Paid With Bullets (Listen Here)


14 Responses to Kool G Rap – They Paid With Bullets

  1. SK93 says:

    Kool G. as usual, fire. He makes the other verses sound so bad..

  2. illroots says:

    the title of the song makes me luagh for some reason
    sounds like its form some corny action movie

  3. Mclenmon says:

    Im sayin Half A Klip is going to be the sickest album in years….even if it has some B movie titles for songs///chinga chang records right??

  4. MJ Dev1 says:

    yea chinga chang records

  5. westeon says:


  6. KINGGS says:

    Yeah man real sick

  7. waterdude says:

    whos ceo dmak?

  8. qburtsnow says:

    some lil billioniar or somting..he like 20 or somthing

  9. SK93 says:

    the dudes 22 dumbass

  10. PCPline says:

    dat tracks crazy!!

  11. WhiteGoldCookin says:

    This Album needs to drop alreaaddy…i needs like 3 copys..1 for mybabymother..2 for me

  12. avisatollay says:

    Is Yayo on this album

  13. Ricashay pete says:

    nah but some french rapper ali is….

  14. ranelell says:

    i met ceo dmak at a party last jan, very cool guy, hard to understand his pa accent and weed induced slurs though

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