Game Arrested in L.A.

Dude is jokes. lol @ that face he makes.
More info over here.


5 Responses to Game Arrested in L.A.

  1. SK93 says:

    Haha, what’s he doing wearing a Hornets shirt? I like how you put the instrumental in the bg there.

  2. Maza says:

    lol at his thug face

  3. Small Eyez says:

    gangsta rapper?

    they still stuck in the 90’s.

  4. Small Eyez says:

    w/ lack of information on the actual reason for the charges..this reeks of bullshit.

    and the mean mug is hilarious…specially when they freeze framed it.

  5. wacks says:

    she was like “gangsta rappa” hahaha

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