Featured: DJ SWB + Contest


We got a chance to catch up with ‘The Silver Screen DJ’ himself DJ SWB. Read the interview inside.

We also are giving away three copies of his new street certified Mixtape DVD ‘The Godfathers’. Contest info inside as well.
Contest is over. All 3 DVD’s have been won.
We will have a new contest next week though, so get ready!

Wacks: Whats up SWB? How you doin?

DJ SWB: Real excited about dropping this new dvd mixtape, The Godfathers, starring Hovito, Frank White, and Esco, so far people are going crazy over it, and it’s only been a couple days.

W: For those who arent familiar with what it is you do, let em know!

SWB: I am The Silver Screen DJ. If you don’t know, go to http://www.djswb.com and watch my mixtape trailers. I take music videos and mix the fuck out of them.

W: Your past DVD’s in the ‘This Is How We Do’ series have been a compilation of video blends, but your new DVD, ‘The Godfathers’ is different then those. Tell us about this.

SWB: The Godfathers is different because I was focusing on using videos from only the top 3 MCs (Biggie, Jay, and Nas). I’m taking these classic hip-hop videos and reviving them, giving them new life. I’m putting Jay-Z and Nas on the same track having them rap back and forth against each other, shit people have never seen before. You will see the videos come alive on the TV screen.

W: What was it like working within a strict guideline this time around?

SWB: It forces me to be more creative. I ask myself, how can I play this video and have the viewer get excited about what I’m about to show them. I try to surprise people. People know all the lyrics, people have seen all the videos, so it was my job to make people excited again about watching these videos and present a whole new experience.

W: Which blend/transition is your favorite on this DVD?

SWB: I really love the “Can’t Knock The Hustle” mix. That one came out lovely.

W: Not many DJ’s out there are out there doing what you do at such a good quality. How did you get started in video blends?

SWB: I always wanted to bring something exciting to the mixtape game, something new. The Video Mixtapes allowed me to do that.

W: Growing up, which DJ’s inspired you the most to get in the music business? When did you start?

SWB: I started young. When i was like 8 years old my uncle used to have turntables and I would practice on those, just practice controlling the records, dropping the songs on beat, basic stuff. I’m inspired by all the great djs. There are so many greats: 5th Platoon, The Allies, there are really so many. I love the djs, the real djs that mix and take pride in being a dj, and who have helped make this art into an industry.

W: What is the best advice you have received?

SWB: You never know who is watching or listening, so always give your best effort.

W: Some of your videos have ended up on YouTube generating thousands of views and very positive feedback. What was that like?

SWB: That’s dope, cause it shows that no matter who’s watching or where they are watching, they are feeling my video mixes. But if you only have seen them on youtube, you only know half the story cause there’s nothing like experiencing the crystal clear video mixes from the DVD mixtapes.

W: With hip-hop being in the limelight nowadays because of this Imus fiasco, and the recent crackdown of DJ Drama and Don Cannon, how do you see hip hop in the coming future?

SWB: What happened with Drama and Cannon sent shockwaves through the whole industry. Everybody felt it. I know those two are gonna come out of it on top. Hip-Hop is resilient, we are all gonna bounce back. There are too many people involved in the game with pride for us to see it die.

W: How did you hook up with Russell Simmons and end up on his Digital On Demand channel ‘Def On Demand’?

SWB: I gotta thank Charles for that one. He helped set up that deal.
I think the guys doing it already got that part of the game locked down. So I have no plans on getting into that.

W: Got anything else in store for this year?

SWB: Hell yeah, been working on some new shit, all I can say is that my best work has yet to come. Check out http://www.djswb.com throw your name on the e-mail list, and get ready.

W: Any shoutouts?

I want to thank everyone who’s been supporting me and the whole movement. You all know who you are.

We have 3 copies of his new mixtape DVD like we stated above. To win a copy, you must answer one of the following questions and email your answer(s) to wacks@illroots.com. If someone gets more then one question correct, they can still only win one copy.

1. How old was Nas on the cover of Illmatic?
2. In which video did Biggie make his first appearance?
3. Jay-Z was featured on which Original Flavor single in 1993?

Good luck!

All copies have been won.
To the winners, I replied to you through email. Check that.

9 Responses to Featured: DJ SWB + Contest

  1. Above says:

    Awsome, got mine sent in.

  2. Don Designz says:

    great interview!

    and cool contest.. i answered them check ya email.

  3. Maza says:

    chea nice interview.
    thos sum pretty hard questions.
    ima have to do sum research

  4. Above says:

    Who won the two questions (2,3)?

  5. wacks says:

    Da Don and Chromework

  6. Maza says:

    alrite i had a guess at the nas question

  7. postman says:

    what happened with the nas question?

  8. Maza says:

    guess someone got it rite.!

  9. amy winehouse video rehab

    This site is so freeking cool. Pceace !!

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