Am I A Hater: DJ [Has No] Clue?

May 12, 2007

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Please tell me what happened. I remember a few years back Clue was the go to mixtape DJ. Now he’s dropping mixtapes once in a blue moon with some of the least exclusive tracks around. If you fuck with hip hop heavily and have a computer, i’m sure you can find the tracks that Clue has on his in ’07. He just dropped two new tapes in the past few days, It’s Me Snitches and Heavy Rotation Part Two. I’ll break down It’s Me Snitches now and the other one later. Let’s start shall we?

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In The Future There Will Be Flying Cars

April 15, 2007


We the illRooted care about all you Hip-Hop fans out there and we don’t want you to buy an album humans never should have associated with there ear drums, so we have decided to do a piece on some of the upcoming albums all Hip-Hop heads should have.

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Featured: Wyldfyer

April 9, 2007

Whether you knew it or not, Wyldfyer was the dude who co-produced every true hip hop fan’s favorite track this past winter. The banging sample, the tight drums, and Nas & Jay-Z flowing on the same track for the first time ever, “Black Republican” was definatley a historic track, even on first listen. You may remember him for the Nas’ street track, “Death Anniversary”, have heard the original version of Nas’ “Hope”, or were lucky enough to peep the dope remix of “The Black Album: Classik”. I was fortunate enough to chat one-on-one with Wyldfyer the other day and talk about everything from working with L.E.S. to the most important parts of production. We know that he has alot in store for ’07 and this will definatley be the year of the Wyldfyer. Keep your eyes, and ears, open.

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Top 25 Hip-Hop Albums To Look For In 2007

December 28, 2006

1. Wu-Tang Clan – 8 Diagrams
The Wu-Tang Clan has been one of the biggest and best Hip-Hop Groups to have ever been created. The high amount of affiliations and influences they have established are rivaled to none. When they announced there plans to release this album in 2007 My response was indescribable. Everyone who is a true Hip-Hop fan had that same very response and thats why this is number one on the list.

2. Common – Finding Forever
One of the most important Emcees in the game and not only is he an important emcee, he is as well an important artist and is looked upon as one of the last real Hip-Hop purists. If you truly know anything about Hip-Hop then you should at the very list respect this mans music. With this upcoming album we can expect that Common will not disappoint. Mostly because every single one of his albums has its own sound. So whatever direction Common wants to take this album I’m ready and I sure hope the rest of the world is too.

3. Raekwon – Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II
Raekwon has without a doubt fell off since Only Built 4 Cuban Link has dropped, but that never stopped him from making a really hot verse on any given record. Thats why I think he has the potential to make this sequel to the undoubtedly classic, especially because he is working with the likes of Dr. Dre, RZA and J Dilla (RIP). If those phenomenal producers can fit his style, I know RZA can, then this can be a very epic record.

4. Lupe Fiasco – The Cool
Known across the Hip-Hop world as “that kick push guy” Lupe Fiasco made his debut album last year and it was a damn good way to enter the doors of the music world. Hopefully he can silence the ignorant by crushing his old stereotype of the skateboarder as it is getting on my nerves when someone says they didn’t listen to his album because “skateboarding is dumb” or things of that nature. Anyway I can only imagine what direction he will take this if he pulls off the features he has been rumored on trying to reach, mainly Pink Floyd. I have no comments on that idea.

5. Talib Kweli – Ear Drum
This album has been constantly pushed back so much I forget what the original release date even is, but it is Talib Kweli and thats enough for me. I have heard quite a few singles that are supposed to be on the album and so far I am pretty impressed and would like to hear the rest this year. If this album ever sees the day of light then it will for sure be a damn good LP.

6. Little Brother – The Getback
One of this years most talked about break ups is the disbandment of Little Brother or atleast the production side of LB. I have always loved 9th Wonders work on the boards, but I honestly believe there better without him. Lets face it his sound doesn’t expand or change very often and Little Brother really does need to expand in my opinion. Thats pretty much the story for all Producer group type of relationships. eventually everyone knew this was going to happen. Anyway the album will be in good hands with Phonte on the mic and Big Pooh backing him up when he needs to take a breather. will it be just as good as a 9th Wonder produced LB album?….All signs point to yes.

7. Pharoahe Monch – Desire
One half of the legendary Organized Konfusion, Pharoahe monch has always been looked upon as one of the finest lyricists in Hip-Hop and with this next album I think he is out to prove that he still has his top notch lyrics and his unique style. I have heard some tracks from the album and so far there all great.

8. OutKast – 10 The Hard Way
OutKast is probably the most important southern Hip-Hop act ever. Without them I’m not all that sure they would of ever got half the shine there getting now. whether or not thats a good thing, Andre 3000 and Big Boi will still put a quality album out whenever they lay down tracks in the booth. I will admit though there last album was easily there worst. Maybe that will be incentive to bring down the game with this upcoming record.

9. Saigon – The Greatest Story Never Told

Saigon has been around for a little bit and he usually drops one or two mixtapes a year. Nothing to revealing nothing whack. Which is very different from some of the other artists who are labeled “mixtape rappers”. That is why I think he has alot of potential and possibly could hook us up with a really dope album this year.

10. Dr. Dre – Detox
Another album long over-due. I’m sure everyone is tired of seeing this on lists like this every year and you probably all doubt its ever coming out. Dr. Dre himself has said more then once this is the year its finally dropping. I will take his word for it. If this album is anything remotely close to either of the chronic albums then it will be a very impressive LP.

11. One Be Lo – L.I.F.E.
This should be something really special, since One Be Lo mentions it in both albums and he says that both albums were just preludes to this Lp. Both albums were dope as hell, so I can only imagine how dope this record will be.

12. GZA/Genius – More Words From The Genius

One of my favorite artists and often looked upon as the back bone of the Wu-Tang Clan, GZA should defintley keep up with his initial track record with this release, by dropping yet another great LP.

13. Redman – Muddy Waters II

One of the two albums he promised us for 2007 just came out. It was a great album and with his claims of going back to his old P Funk style on the table for this next release I hope this one is 2 times as good as Red Gone Wild was.

14. Kanye West – Graduation

Kanye West is a very interesting character to say the least. His last two albums were nothing short of phenomenal. Many people think he needs to pick it up in the means of his Mic skills, because they are lacking, but what he lacks in Mic skills he more then makes up with his superb production. If he can bring his Mic skills up afew notches without taking his production down then this can be a classic album waiting to happen.

15. Nas – The N
Nas is an artist everyone can trust to keep it fresh and come with something completely new or something noone would ever have enough balls to come out with. Which is exactly what he did with his last album and since the title to this upcoming album kind of hints a departure I think he will just completely fuck up everything with this. If he doesn’t then this will be a complete disappointment to all of the snobby Nas fans around the world, but for me it will alter nothing in my book. After all, He made the best Hip-Hop album of all time.

16. Joe Budden – The Growth
Joe Budden is this centuries lost artist. Over the past few years he has been highly anticipated and was expected to come out with some real great material especially after the release of Mood Musik II. Since then the Internet has been constantly demanding his next release. Sadly Def Jam has chose to give him the cold shoulder and has pushed back this album and his MM3 mixtape for over two years. Hypothetically speaking, if The Growth drops then it will probably be in the top ten of 2007.

17. Royce da 5’9″ – Street Hop
Royce has been doing it Detroit for years. Its no surprise that he has so many followers. He is one of the more complex lyricists, but he never seems to get the right production for his albums. Well put that talk to rest, because DJ Premier is executive producing his new album. In the past these two have put some great tracks together and I don’t think thats going to stop before this album is finished.

18. Beanie Sigel – The Return of the Bad Guy
Beanie Sigel is probably one of the most under-rated rappers in the game right now, because in my opinion he has dropped a classic album with the ‘B. Coming’ and some even say his first album ‘The Truth’ was also a classic album. If more people actually looked at his track record he might get some of the recognition he deserves. Hopefully with this upcoming album he can get some of these critics to give him his credit.

19. Ghostface & MF DOOM – Swift & Changeable
Ghostface Killah is pretty much my favorite rapper and MF DOOM is also among one of my favorites, but thats not the only reason this is in my list. These two have worked together for some time and everything they have put together is phenomenal to say the least. This particular project has been in the works for just under two years. Hopefully it comes out this year and if it does then I expect to be writing about this for my Top 25 of the year list for 2007.

20. Naledge – Naledge is Power

Naledge and Double O released the sleeper of the year in 2006 with ‘School was My Hustle’. So when I heard that Naledge was doing a solo album I was geeked. Then I heard it was being executive produced by Just Blaze and I was off the wall. I have heard afew mixtapes Naledge has put together and I am feeling all the joints whether they are produced by Double O, Just Blaze or there just freestyles over popular beats. Which leads me to believe this album is going to be one of the best this year and I will be able to enjoy it for years to come.

21. Rhymefest – El Che
I’m going to be honest, I slept on his debut LP ‘Blue Collar’ for a long time and I’m embarrassed I did, Because it was Fantastic. Thats exactly what I expect from this. I have also heard some very interesting rumors about him trying to make this an opera type story and he has hooked up with Lil Jon to put together some of this album. I know what your thinking so I should also say he plans to have Kanye West Executive produce the LP, so we know its in good hands.

22. Canibus – Nothing To Prove

Rip The Jacker is back, this time around he is rumored to being working with DJ Premier on Poet Laureate Infinite, a sequel to a legendary track. If anyone knows how the Poet Laureate II went then this album is already in there top 25 to look for. Most people criticize Canibus for his bad ear for production, but like I said DJ Premier is working with him this time around. The least I can say is I’m waiting for this.

23. Papoose – The Nacirema Dream
Papoose is the biggest artist coming out of NY this year. His 18 mixtapes have brought him to extreme popularity all over the Internet. If he can keep his ego at a normal level an not let all the popularity get to his head, then I think he can put together an album that all of his fans will be proud of.

24. Vakill – Armor Of God
Vakill is one of the newer rappers around these days, which is great we’re kind of short of young talented rappers in these times of girls, cash ad cars. I expect this to bring the quality up in his discography. Hopefully bring the quality of this years Hip-Hop up too.

25. Cormega – The Inevitable

Cormega has been around for awhile and he has one of the more quality filled discographies. That being said this will most likely add onto his great track record and in the process garner him some much deserved extra attention.