Featured: DJ SWB + Contest

May 16, 2007


We got a chance to catch up with ‘The Silver Screen DJ’ himself DJ SWB. Read the interview inside.

We also are giving away three copies of his new street certified Mixtape DVD ‘The Godfathers’. Contest info inside as well.
Contest is over. All 3 DVD’s have been won.
We will have a new contest next week though, so get ready!

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Featured: Hasan Insane

April 28, 2007

My music is like hip hop circa 1971 in its rawest form.

Up and coming hip-hop producer Hasan Insane has already worked with the likings of Skyzoo and TapeMaster’s Inc. He dropped one of the dopest mixtapes of 2006, Perfect Strangers, which blended Nas and Jay-Z acapellas over his own original beats. His style is one of a kind, with precise kicks and snares laced perfectly over all instruments imaginable. I’ve known him for a few months, but finally was able to catch up with him and do an interview. Know the ledge on Hasan Insane.

Hasan Insane – Hustla’s Clarity (Ft. Lil’ Wayne & Jay-Z)
Off TapeMasters Inc.’s ‘Young Money Millionaire

Hasan Insane – Be Easy Remix (Ft. T.I., Pusha T & Jay-Z)
Off TapeMasters Inc.’s ‘I Am: T.I. vs T.I.P.

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Featured: Wyldfyer

April 9, 2007

Whether you knew it or not, Wyldfyer was the dude who co-produced every true hip hop fan’s favorite track this past winter. The banging sample, the tight drums, and Nas & Jay-Z flowing on the same track for the first time ever, “Black Republican” was definatley a historic track, even on first listen. You may remember him for the Nas’ street track, “Death Anniversary”, have heard the original version of Nas’ “Hope”, or were lucky enough to peep the dope remix of “The Black Album: Classik”. I was fortunate enough to chat one-on-one with Wyldfyer the other day and talk about everything from working with L.E.S. to the most important parts of production. We know that he has alot in store for ’07 and this will definatley be the year of the Wyldfyer. Keep your eyes, and ears, open.

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Redman Interview

March 12, 2007

Our homie Rizoh from therapup sat down wih Redman recently for an interview. Read it here.

Featured: Prince Ali

March 6, 2007

Artwork by: Nycslur

“I dont plan because lifes already planned for you, you just gotta go through the roads the way your about to see it”

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Featured: Kojo Best

January 25, 2007

Kojo Best

We at illRoots came up with the idea to expose some of the most talented up and coming artists we could find. Every other week, starting today, we will feature a new artist. Each featured artist is interviewed by either myself or kinggs, and we will then post some audio of why they are so freakin’ good so you can see for yourself.

The first artist that we have featured is a young, very talented, British R&B singer by the name of Kojo Best aka Enk√©. I discovered this musician on YouTube, one of my favorite websites. I was searching for some Gnarls Barkley, and came across Kojo’s version of Crazy. Instantly I was like “WOW! This dude can sing!”. Intruiged, I went to his channel and watched another video. Just as good, if not better. An hour later, I found my self still watching all of his videos. Boasting a proud 60+ video’s, Kojo is obviously a very enthusiastic musician, open to any and all tips or feedback.
A few days later, I contacted him regarding being featured and interviewed on illRoots, and he was just as excited as I was. We talked for almost an hour straight, constantly falling off topic and just discussing the wonderful world of music. I now give you our interview in most of its entireity.

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