Sa-Ra – The Hollywood Recordings [Review]

May 1, 2007


Review by: Maza

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Timbaland – Shock Value [Review]

April 20, 2007

Review by: Maza

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Redman – Red Gone Wild (Review)

March 26, 2007


Redman is back at it again with his sixth solo effort Red Gone Wild. Said to be his first of two releases this year, the other being the riskily titled Muddy Waters II.

The good, I really did like how he started things out putting Bak Inda Buildin, Put it Down and Gimmie one lined back to back. He kind of accomplished the same type of flow with Walk in Gutta, Wutchoogonnado and Diz Iz Brick City. Thats basically the main factor in what did it for me for this album, the flow.

The bad, There are about four songs that should of never been heard past the ears of the Def Jam staff and there unlucky mail boy (Freestyle Freestyle, Blow Treez, Pimp Nutz and Sumtn’ 4 Urrbody). I’m also not to fond of the Gilla House rappers. Which coincidentally are featured on 3 of the 4 tracks that I said were awful. Another thing that was lackluster at times was the production, but oddly sometimes it was equally phenomenal, so I don’t think I have to stress on that to much.

The verdict, Despite the fact that the bad paragraph is longer then the good, this album was quite enjoyable and is in my opinion his best album since Muddy Waters. lets hope we can say the same for Muddy Waters II.

Top 50 MC’s

March 21, 2007

Our good friend Rizoh is at it again, compiling the 50 best “emcee’s” of our time.
I agree with 95% of this list. You will too unless your a lame.
I was just pissed that these dudes didnt make the cut 😦

Check it out here.

Little Brother – And Justus For All (Review)

March 1, 2007


I really liked the tape, Phonte was Phonte, he never disappoints when he spits, Big Pooh was Big Pooh, he never comes with a god awful verse, he rarely breaks past average though, the production was solid, which unlike alot of people, did not suprise me. The Justus League has a very talented team of producers, just because 9th Wonder isn’t behind Little Brother anymore doesn’t mean they can’t have good production anymore.

My favorite record was probably Last Day, Phonte told a good story and he put alot of humor into it too, and it didn’t come out cheesy at all, thats hard to do. I really liked Skillz verse on the ‘Life Of The Party Remix’ alot aswell.

All in all, I really enjoyed the bulk of this release and I can’t wait for there 2007 LP ‘The Getback’, hopefully this mixtape was just a sign of things to come for ‘Te and Pooh.

For anyone who hasn’t downloaded it yet (Click Me)