Rumoured The Carter 3 Cover

February 28, 2007

My homie who writes for a hip hop mag over in the UK sent me it… He said it was official but I’m not sure.
*Bird Call* IM OUT!

Detox Instrumentals?

February 23, 2007

Well… I highly doubt this shit is real. The beats do in fact bang like Dre beats, but after listening to the Doctors Advocate, who the fuck can tell anymore. Here it is anyway. 7 rumoured instrumentals that will be appearing on Detox, according to the dude that uploaded it. Only time will tell.
Don’t forget where you heard it first!

NaS – Hope (Unreleased Original Version)

February 17, 2007


This is the original version of Hope, which should of been on the album, Unfortunately the label couldn’t clear the sample, I don’t know about you, but I’m about to switch the acapella with this, because its dope as hell. Don’t kill me if this really isn’t the original, because this is a rumor, but it sounds like its the original, after all it was Produced by Wyldfyer, who co-produced Black Republicans.

NaS – Hope (Unreleased Original Version) (Listen and Download Here)

Jurassic 5 Calls It Quits

February 16, 2007


“After the tour, that’s basically it,” emcee Zaakir told Australian website, “I don’t want to sit here and fake around with it – we’re not seeing eye-to-eye right now.”

Say it ain’t so J5, after 15 years, 2 classics, a let down and a leftover there leaving the game possibly (this is still just a damn near true rumor).

Seeing quotes like this…”People see us as a harmonizing, loving group,” said Zaakir, “but that’s far from the truth.” tells me otherwise unfortunately, Oh well it was a good run J5.

Is YouTube Racist?

February 6, 2007

My homey FD from FDTV just got his YouTube account banned (as did we but thats aside from the point), featuring 50+ original video’s entiriely made by himself and his friends. He states some very good points and he has come to the conclusion that the people behind YouTube are racist. Read what he has to say about this here and spread the word.

Desire Tracklist

February 4, 2007

Pharoahe Monch couldn’t leave rap alone anymore—the game needs him. Amen to that. With seven years in rap’s shadows behind him, the super-lyrical veteran has finally seen the light, convincingly reinventing himself and maintaining his essence. For the Organized Konfusion faithful, there’s a “Stray Bullet” sequel (“Gun Draws”) over Denaun Porter’s macabre strings and some truly apocalyptic production elsewhere from Monch himself. For those whose Pharoahe knowledge extends little past Diddy ghostwriting, his fine-tuned harmonies and even Gnarls Barkley-esque funk (“Body Baby”) work wonders. Despite a frustrating abundance of softcore accessibility, the eclectic and progressive Desire is still that next shit. Consider it Unoriginality: The Extinction Agenda.

1. Freedom Intro (Black Milk)
2. Free Bo (Mckensie)
3. Desire (Alchemist)
4. Push (Pharoahe Monch)
5. Let’s go (Black Milk)
6. Body Baby (Pharoahe Monch)
7. Hold On f/ Erykah Badu (Lee Stone)
8. Walk Alone (Denaun Porter)
9. Gun Draws (Denaun Porter)
10. Bar Tap (Black Milk)
11. So Good (Pharoahe Monch)
12. What It Is (Pharoahe Monch/Lee Stone)
13. Welcome To The Terrordome (Sean C)


i’m so excited….

Red Gone Wild Cover

February 4, 2007

Rizoh at TheRapUp posted this today… Weird as hell