As you all know, it takes alot of time, and money to put up and constantly run this website. All though we do like to keep it ad-free for ours “fans sake” (No Ludacris), we would like to know that we have people that are grateful for all the time and effort we have put in to make illRoots what it is today.
With that said, we both would be very grateful if you could donate us some cash money (No Fez). Below this text is a link to donate to us through PayPal. Please help us and illRoots out!

Donate through PayPal

Also, everyone that donates $10.00+ dollars will receive a nice package containing some illRoots stickers and a copy of our soon to drop Grab Bag Vol. 1 Mixtape. Everyone that donates $35.00+ will receive these things and an illRoots t-shirt… Just email us and let us know how much u donated and your contact info…
Offer lasting for a limited time only!!

5 Responses to Donate

  1. assmoney says:

    its not free if you have to donate to get it lolol

  2. sk93 says:

    i wanna see pics of the shirt

  3. Liam says:

    anyone know if this offer is still running?

  4. JJ says:

    no you fuckin idiot that was 5 years ago

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